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Who we are

MWH Reeds are a well established reed growing business, based in St Asaph, Denbighshire, North Wales, specialising in the Phragmites australis. (The Common Reed)

We grow reeds of the highest quality and have been doing so from the same location since 1959.

We supply into various sectors including wetlands and water companies across the UK, specialising in reedbed construction projects suppling reeds for tertiary treatment processes.

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Phragmites australis

Phragmites australis, is a member of the grass family. A tall perennial, it will grow in natural and artificial situations. Of several types, the Common Reed is the most dominant. It grows up to 3.5 meters in height. It is capable of naturalisation anywhere between 10- and 70-degrees latitude. Predominately a lowland plant, it has been found occasionally at altitudes up to 3000 meters in Tibet.

Of various ways to plant a reedbed, seed raised plants have become the quickest and arguably the most reliable and cheapest way. Seed raised plants are also demonstrably quicker to establish than other methods such as, layering, or planting rhizomes from plants dug up from an existing reed bed area.

Reedbed Treatment Systems

Horizontal Flow: Horizontal flow systems introduce wastewater through an inlet pipe at one end of the bed. Water slowly flows through the rhizosphere to the outlet at the other end of the bed.

Vertical Flow: Vertical flow systems comprise a flat gravel bed topped with sand and planted with reeds. Some systems have a network of pipes with downward pointing holes and are surrounded by large stones allowing the effluent to seep into the pipe and drain out of the collection sump. Dosing of the bed is done through intermittently allowing time for the wastewater to percolate down through the rhizosphere. It is vital that a good even coverage over the whole bed is achieved for the efficient functioning of this type of system.

Benefits of Reedbed Treatment


• Cost: The cost of construction is low when compared to other treatment systems

• Local Materials: Construction can in most cases be done using local materials

• Reduced Maintenance: Once established they have low operating costs. The need for daily maintenance is minimal.

• Biodiversity: Reed beds are a natural process, which provide habitat for wildlife, and fit well into the countryside.

• Better Tertiary Treatment: As a tertiary stage to existing plant, will provide valuable improvement to the final polishing.

Why choose MWH Reeds?

• We are members of the Constructed Wetland Association

• Quality Assurance

• Competitive Prices

• Small orders not a problem

• Quality Carrier used for orders

• Friendly helpful staff and owner

• Centrally located in the UK


Experience & Knowledge: Most plants are damaged by frost, and reeds are no exception. They are most vulnerable in April when the daytime temperatures start to increase. Soft growth is stimulated, and clear nights often result in ground frost. New Spring sown seedlings which have not established a rhizome system can be fatally damaged. Overwintered plants in plugs or larger sizes will not be so damaged at this time. In early Spring, MWH Reeds recommend only planting overwintered stock. We are normally able to supply up to 10,000 immediately from such stock.

Growing Media: We grow plants in a peat free compost with 12-month slow-release fertilizer incorporated. We make no extra charge for peat free but do restrict discounts as growing in this media to be environmentally friendly is a more expensive process for us.

Seed Source: We undertake to grow a specific genotype if required. We can collect seed from your location in the Autumn, to sow in Spring.

Planting: We offer to arrange a comprehensive planting service, available with fully trained and experienced personnel. Plantable young plants are available from July onwards.

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MWH Reeds

Bryn Polyn Nurseries
Upper Denbigh Road
St Asaph
LL17 0BH