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Armed Forces Recruitment

At MWH Treatment we welcome people coming out of the military looking for a new career path. Your skills are transferable and at MWH Treatment you will be able to seamlessly transition from one career path to another. We have a wide variety of opportunities all throughout England and Scotland and you could join the dozens of ex-armed forces already at MWHT.

Looking for a new career?

MWH Treatment are always looking to recruit people coming out of the armed forces.

We have offices and sites up and down England and Scotland which have plenty of roles available that you can seamlessly transition into. Using all the experiences and skills you have built up in the armed forces could make you perfect for any number of roles in MWH Treatment. These are just some of the roles that we could use your skills:

  • Planner
  • Project Manager
  • Engineer
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Health and Safety
  • Site Management

While it may not be immediately apparent that you could do some of these roles, we also look for good people who are the right fit for a role – especially those coming out of the armed forces. If you would like to chat through your military experience and what roles would be suitable for you; get in touch with our recruitment team (

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Employer of Choice

MWH Treatment are an employer of choice with Armed Forces recruitment. We have a Silver Award from the Armed Forces Covenant meaning we are committed to recruiting and supporting the men and women coming out of the military looking for a new career path.

It is a pledge that together we acknowledge and understand that those who serve or who have served in the armed forces, and their families, should be treated with fairness and respect in the communities, economy and society they serve with their lives.

Ian Goldsmith, Health and Safety Manager

“During a 20 years career in the Royal Air Force I served at numerous Front Line Fighter Stations and High profile postings, as like many of us, this was my day job and the work ethic, leadership and management abilities were taken for granted (it’s what we do!).  I left the Air Force in 2007 and have been a Health and Safety Professional ever since, this was due to another ex-service person recognising the raw transferable skills and the personal and professional qualities attained during my service career, many of which at the time I did not know I had. After 4 years working with MWH Treatment these qualities still play a large part in my working day and will remain a valuable attribute throughout my career.”

Danni Martin, Site Manager

Having served for 22 years in the RAF I was nervous about venturing into civilian employment, particularly in an industry where I had no experience. MWH Treatment have been incredibly supportive during both the interview process and my ongoing employment, recognising my transferable skills and offering opportunities for development of new skills. MWH Treatment has a family feel and has made me feel welcome from the first day.

Simon Cox, SHEQ Director

“During my 24-year military career I attended numerous trade and management courses, little did I know at the time how these skills would help me progress in my civilian career path. All those who have served in the military have the ability to communicate effectively at all levels, the personal qualities of integrity, loyalty, resilience, character; self-discipline and control; being punctual, reliable, responsible, structured, resourceful and mission oriented. These skills and attributes are valuable skills to have in any career. My advice to all those transitioning to civilian life is to believe in your own abilities and skills and you will succeed.”

David Hardy-Hodgson, Project Delivery Manager


“Colleagues still in the military ask me “What do you know about water recycling? How did you blag that job?” The answer is straightforward – as a PDM I don’t need to be an expert in water engineering, but the transferrable skills of leading teams, stakeholder engagement, working to deadlines and being accurate and honest in everything you do are all things we take for granted in the military, but civilian companies, especially MWH Treatment see the value that we can bring with these transferrable skills.

There are ample development and promotion opportunities, both internally within MWH and also across the other partner companies and the alliance. MWH are very supportive of ambition and personal development so don’t think that by joining in one role you will be doing it for life – if you have ambition, determination and drive then you can go as far as you want.”

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Does this sound like it’s for you? If you would like to chat through your military experience and what roles would be suitable for you; get in touch with our recruitment team ( Click the button below to look at our vacancies.