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Our Innovation

As an integrated design and delivery solution provider, we’re about digital delivery – it’s not what we could do, it’s what we are doing, what we’ve learnt and what we’re going to do next.

Innovation is in our DNA

MWH Treatment’s evolution through its 200 year history has embedded innovation into our DNA.

Today the water sector is facing unprecedented challenges, which are driving us to find smarter ways to achieve outcomes.

By constantly seeking alternative ways to achieve our clients outcomes and challenging how we deliver our solutions we are redefining delivery within the Water Sector.

Redefining Delivery

Over the past 5 years with our digital delivery toolbox we have delivered more for less. This has increased the value of our solutions and increased our on-site productivity whilst improving our Health & Safety performance and maximising the positive environmental impact of our work. We use systems thinking and the insight from digital twins to optimise the use of existing assets and minimise the construction of new assets. Once an intervention is confirmed we apply our Digital Delivery tools to deliver more for less.

Digital Delivery

Our digital transformation strategy is “Not to talk about what we could do, but talk about what we’ve done, what we’ve learned and what we will do next”.

For the past 5 years we have developed and enhanced our Digital Delivery approach through Practical Applications on Conversion Projects.

MWHT’s digital toolbox of technologies and techniques has been implemented on the conversion projects to demonstrate individual effectiveness of the tools and how, collectively, they create efficiencies on these projects and for future projects to come. The tools in our toolbox cover the whole asset lifecycle.

“The limitation for an organisations digital transformation is the pace with which individuals will adapt. MWH Treatment’s innovative culture means we can match the exponential rate at which technology is evolving”

Steve Kennedy, Head of Digital and Innovation.

What we do

We redefine construction by developing new ways to achieve. We implement technology, techniques and products to deliver greater client service, resilience and affordability with outcomes that are faster, better and safer. Ultimately putting intellectual capital back into our programmes.

Network analysis

Through network analysis we apply systems thinking and understand how our water systems work. We can then ensure our interventions deliver the outcome faster, better, safer than ever before without the risk of impacting customer service.


Visualisation enables us to engage with all project stakeholders and leads to active participation by customers, clients, our teams, our critical supply chain and other stakeholders. It also allows us to share the context of work without interrupting operational teams and minimises access to risk areas.


Applying our ‘left shift’ philosophy and implementing early supply chain engagement builds trust and drives collaboration through project teams. Combining collaborative reviews with digital rehearsals has brought a noted calmness to our construction sites and ensured new assets are seamlessly integrated into existing solutions.

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) and sustainable solutions


Early engagement with the supply chain enables DfMA. By moving construction work to factories and limiting site activity to assembly, we are improving our health, safety and wellbeing and environmental impact, improving the quality of work and increasing our productivity as multiple activities are completed concurrently in multiple sites.

Future concept of operation

Designing and delivering both digital as well as physical assets enables us to unlock the future concept of operation. Operational teams have access to all information required to operate and maintain equipment and ensure its continued optimum efficiency and resilience. This provides the information required for efficient future interventions.