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Safety, Health, Environment and Quality

Striving for a world of zero impact to people and the environment

Safe sustainable solutions require more than forms and templates. Our SHEQ team provide guidance and support connecting best practice across our frameworks and the wider sector nationally and internationally. This is how we are working to achieve our goal of zero negative impact of our projects on people and the environment. There is never a moment where health and safety is not our first priority on any project. Protecting people and the environment are at the forefront for our SHEQ team and our award winning work would not be possible without the incredible attention to detail they put in to everything we do.

 “Not only do I help safeguard our people against injury and illness and improve their wellbeing, I work to protect the environment and make sure our clients are protected and satisfied, all whilst helping to provide a basic human necessity to large parts of the UK. It’s difficult not to be enormously proud of that!”

Zoe Robertson, Head of SHEQ

Zoe’s Story

There are many aspects to my role, as I am the National Quality Manager and the Head of SHEQ. I don’t believe anyone goes to work to hurt someone, damage the environment or do a poor-quality job. The skills and competencies, systems, processes and knowledge that my teams provide to the business and our people, ensures that we are highly effective and efficient, that we nurture the right behaviours, we are forward looking and we always achieve legislation and standards compliance.

For me, celebrating the success of our individuals and teams, is always a great way to inspire others. So as part of World Quality Day, I have introduced the MWH Treatment Top Quality awards for those that have shown a real passion for SHEQ. Judging the nominations is always one of the highlights of my year.

As a SHEQ team and company we are now making technology of the distant future a thing of the present. I am leading an AI software trial to help, which analyses patterns over thousands of pieces of source data. The “Robot” can pick out errors that a human may not notice. I am looking forward to the incorporation of robotics and AI further into our industry, to avoid the health and safety risks all together for humans, and to eliminate the negative impacts of human behaviour on situations.

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