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Become our next generation of experts and thought leaders.

Start your journey with us, be part of a winning team and be the best you can be. Our industry accredited Graduate & Apprentice schemes offer multiple career path options to develop you as our next generation leaders helping us shape a better world. Working with mentors and fellow graduates and apprentices, you are set up with a fantastic network of people to develop not just technical attributes, but people skills as well. Our structured programmes create a balance of gaining the right experience, exposure and education. There are endless possibilities in how you can grow and develop your career with us.

“I’m glad to have  joined the Graduate Scheme as it provided me with great opportunities such as integrating in the professional design team as a civil engineer, working on a site placement, and working towards having carbon neutral designs on future projects to fulfil the national target to be carbon neutral by 2030.”

Mo Esmail, Graduate

Mo’s Story

Lego made a massive impact in me becoming an engineer as I knew from a young age that I enjoyed assembling parts to make something out of nothing, it gave me a sense of accomplishment.

Now that I am a design civil engineer, my next aim is to gain chartership and become a professional engineer. That is one of the main reasons I joined the MWH Graduate Scheme as it allows me to fulfil the necessary requirements and attributes. The scheme was structured in a way to include more than one department & have exposure to other business sectors and not just design.

Upon my second year in, I was placed on a site placement to act as a site engineer & design resident, and the aim was to be involved in the construction & delivery of a live site. My time on site over the course of 10 continuous months exceeded my expectations. I could honestly say that it made me a better designer & look at aspects differently, as I got the exposure to the constructability and different procedures.

The support I get is immense and we have a great network all around the country. I really like the working culture at MWH Treatment, and I certainly enjoy what I do, because at the end of the day we are providing a service to the community to make sure clean & safe water is reached to every household.

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