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New Graduates learn about latest technological innovations


We welcomed a new batch of 35 graduates into the business in September and we thought it would be hugely beneficial to show them some of the latest technology used in our industry including laser scans, QR codes and Virtual/Augmented Reality.

Our graduates are spread across all our regions, so we invited them to the training session at our Salford head office. The day involved presentations from our Digital Delivery team before the grads got the chance to have a try of some of the most innovative and exciting technology available to us.

Graduate Quantity Surveyor Alex Harris said “As a graduate working in the commercial department I have had little interaction with what the various engineering departments do on a day to day basis. Therefore, this training programme gave a great introduction to the diverse technologies available such as the intelligent 3D modelling and how our engineers work is translated from office to on site construction projects. That coupled with how we intend to reduce significant construction costs through virtual reality and 3D glasses, showed how we are constantly innovating and modernising the water construction industry”

Training sessions like this are great for our graduates to collaborate and better understand the tools available to them. Innovative technology is essential for us to keep ahead of the competition and the graduates are integral to seeing it stays that way.

Our digital toolbox is a great insight into the work we do and the types of projects and technologies that our graduates will be involved in.